Thursday, April 11, 2013

Henry H. Winslow - Son of a Sea Captain

At the time I wrote about Margaret Ella Winslow née Givens, I didn't have a photograph of her husband, Henry H. Winslow ... not until someone saw a picture of Grandpa Henry Hidden Winslow, and was nice enough to let me know that a photograph of him, along with several other related photos, were up for sale.

Over the past few weeks I've collected quite a few Winslow family photographs, including photos of Margaret and Henry; two of their daughters, Mary and Edith; one granddaughter Margaret “Peggy” Sterns, and even Margaret’s sister and her husband - the McDuffy’s.

And now that I have the photos of Henry H. Winslow, I wanted to tell his story ...

Henry Hidden Winslow was born May 5, 1847, in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the son of a sea captain, Joshua Baker Winslow, and his wife Mary Dehart (Bruen) Winslow.

American Offshore Whaling Voyages shows Joshua B. Winslow at command of the Tamerlane on 3 voyages to the North Pacific over a period of 15 years; Sept. 1854 - June 1858; Oct. 1858 - July 1862; Aug. 1865 - May 1869. The Capt. and Mrs. Winslow made their home in New Bedford, Massachusetts but unless Mary and Henry sailed aboard the Tamerlane with Capt. Winslow, they saw precious little of him, and were separated for years at a time.

Henry was educated in New Bedford and graduated high school May, 1864, at age 17.   One week later, on May 28, 1864 he sailed on board the whaler, James Arnold, under Capt. Jacob L. Cleaveland, cruising the Atlantic whaling grounds until Nov., 1865, when the James Arnold returned to New Bedford with 491 barrels sperm oil, 10 barrels whale oil and 300 pounds in bones on board.  During the voyage they'd sent home an additional 215 barrels of sperm oil.

On May 29, 1866 Henry Winslow shipped out again on board the James Arnold.  This time under the command of Capt. Thomas Sullivan, they sailed for the Pacific whaling grounds. The voyage lasted over 3 years and was considered a success. They returned Aug. 1, 1869, with 1,350 barrels sperm oil on board; having sent home 1,629 barrels sperm oil during the voyage.

At this point it appears Henry Winslow's sailing days came to an end. In 1870 he commenced to read law with the distinguished firm of Chandler, Thayer and Hudson.  He graduated Harvard Law School in 1872 and was admitted to the bar in Boston on Dec. 20, 1872.

Feb. 4, 1875 Henry Hedden Winslow (27) wed Margaret Ella (Givens) Fuller (30), a widow with a young daughter.  They were married in New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts and in 1876 they moved to Cambridge where Henry opened a second law office, keeping one in Boston and one in Cambridge.

Henry Hedden Winslow was a member and trustee of Cambridgeport Savings Bank and Assistant District Attorney for Middlesex county from 1875 to 1880. The only public office he held was as Overseer of the Poor for the City of Cambridge.

Henry and Margaret Winslow had 3 children together; all born in Cambridge, MA.

Mary H. Winslow  born Feb. 11, 1876 (graduated Radcliffe)
Edith Baker Winslow (Mrs. H. N. Sterns) born Aug. 10, 1878 (graduated Radcliffe)
Henry Joshua Winslow b. June 27, 1880 (graduated Harvard)

Henry's wife, Margaret Winslow died in 1899.

Cambridge Tribune, Vol. XXVIII, Number 34, Oct. 21, 1905

H.H. Winslow, ESQ.
Assigned by Superior Court as
Senior Counsel in a Murder
Case - Well Known Lawyer.

"Henry H. Winslow, Esq., of this city, has been assigned as senior counsel to defend John Schidlofski, who is now confined in the local jail for the murder of his wife, on the Arlington golf links, last August.  P.H. Sullivan, of Boston, has been assigned as junior counsel.

Mr. Winslow is not without experience in murder cases, having been senior counsel for Samuel Whitaker, who shot his wife, in this city, in 1897.  Principally through Mr. Winslow's efforts the court accepted a plea of guilty in the second degree and Whitaker was given only a life sentence.

Mr. Winslow was assistant district attorney of Middlesex county from 1875 to 1880.  He is a member of the overseers of the poor."

I wasn't able to find any record of the death of Henry H. Winslow, the last mention I find of him is in the 1920 Census, at age 72, living in Cambridge, Massachusetts with his daughter Mary.

Spellings I found for Henry's middle name include: Heden, Hedden, Haden and Hidden and in the case of Mary, his daughter - Mary Hidder Winslow.  


  1. He died on May 21, 1923 and is buried in Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He lived at 152 Magazine Street, Cambridgeport.